Submitting Scans

Submitting Scans

How to Submit Scan Files:

Trios Scanner by 3Shape

If you are using the 3Shape Trios Scanner, please use the Hitec Dental Ceramics account associated with hitec.trios @

Itero Scanner

If you are using the Itero Intraoral Scanner, please use lab code 9268 for Hitec Dental Ceramics.

Sirona Scanner

If you are using the Sirona Primescan Scanner, please send the STL scan files to davidathitec @ along with the specifics of the case. See example below.

Emailing Scan Files and CAD / CAM Information

If sending STL scan files by email, please send the files to the address davidathitec @ See example below of info needed.

Information Needed When Submitting Your Cases by Email

  • Due Date
  • Restoration type
  • Type of metal (if PFM or Full Gold Crown)
  • Tooth numbers
  • Crown or Bridge
  • Shade
  • Special instructions
  • Margin instructions (if any)
  • Occlusal type (if not in occlusion)
  • If implant case, please send an impression with impression coping and lab analog