FAQ: PFM or Zirconia?

PFM or Zirconia?

PFM (Porcelain-Fused-to-Metal)
  • Have been used successfully over the past 60 years, they are very reliable
  • There are different dental alloys used to create PFMs
    • Non-precious
    • Semi-precious
    • High Noble
  • They are known to last for 30 years
  • They are incredibly strong, however, it is time consuming to create an esthetically pleasing crown or bridge due to the metal structure and multiple manufacturing steps required
  • The margins of PFMs may also be an issue as it can become exposed over time as gum tissue recedes
  • Zirconia offers a more esthetically pleasing solution while also providing high strength
  • The margins are extremely accurate, and gum recession will not affect esthetics
  • Can create the most life-like restorations
  • Very compatible for patients with allergies to certain metals that can be found in PFMs
  • Resistant to hot and cold temperatures
  • Strength of 900-1200 Mpa